Implementation and operation of a comprehensive BI solution


«BSgroup Data Analytics AG has mastered the challenge of bringing together the figures from the different systems and making them cross-source analysts. We have found a strong partner in the BI environment who reacts quickly to our requirements.

BSgroup Data Analytics AG has understood how to respond to the needs of our controllers and create a reporting solution that is perfectly tailored to them.»

Adrian Bodmer, CFO Denner AG

«The technical know-how of BSgroup Data Analytics AG in the Microsoft BI stack has enabled us to build a stable and high-performance reporting solution for the entire company.

By using well-defined templates in development, changes can be implemented quickly and reliably.»

Manuel Fondo, CIO Denner AG

BSgroup Data Analytics Denner Purchase

Denner AG is Switzerland’s leading discount company and is represented all over the country. Denner AG serves approximately 140 million customers annually at approximately 840 Denner sales points, including 570 own branches and 270 partner companies. The company currently employs around 5,800 people and is currently training 130 apprentices. In total, Denner sells more than 100,000 products from approximately 2,800 suppliers worldwide.

«We need a uniform and centralized view of the company data that unites all business areas of Denner AG and that is available and usable at all times for all relevant departments.»

Adrian Bodmer, CFO Denner AG

With this order, our successful cooperation with Denner AG began in 2014.

Our client on the Denner side – CFO Adrian Bodmer and CIO Manuel Fondo – had the vision to soon establish a new company-wide reporting of key figures as part of the introduction of a new payment system. It allows control related data to be used and analyzed in different departments.
The biggest challenge faced by the project team was to prepare the product data generated by the payment system to be centrally accessible and comparable across the entire value chain.

Solution for Denner AG

With our solution, we have designed the data model so that highly aggregated data can be analyzed directly down to the smallest unit at the article level without media discontinuity. With the XL3 and XL3-Web, Denner AG can currently provide uniform and, if necessary, highly detailed data to around 1,000 employees. Both the specific needs of control and the needs of the purchasing and sales operational areas are covered by a comprehensive data model.

customer benefit

From more than 180 solid reports, a portfolio of 30 dynamic standard reports in total can be created for Denner AG. This is a report for supplier discussions with different views and levels of detail, as well as a price/quantity/mixture report to view information from sales price OP to net margin at item level, or daily, weekly and monthly performance-measurement of selling points.
This approach has led to a significant increase in effectiveness and efficiency and allows the control to spend more time interpreting and less time preparing data.
The uniform data catalog and integrated control form the basis for better control of Denner AG in the digital age and further enhancing the analysis options available.